Formula 1™ Racing Cockpit

The OpenWheeler racing cockpit simulator is quite light as compared to other video game simulator cockpits attainable in the market. OpenWheeler offers remarkable solidity and comfort for individuals of any size.

Formula 1™ Cockpit Simulator

Open Wheeler Formula 1™ Cockpit Simulator

Open Wheeler Formula 1™ Cockpit Simulator. Great enjoyment.

OpenWheeler's eclining, collapsible and sliding authentic racing car chair offers enormous solidity and comfort for persons of any size. This budget racing cockpit is devised to accommodate any steering wheel variant. Make the maximum out of racing with the OpenWheeler racing seat cockpit. $400 (four hundred USD) or 270 GBP is the OpenWheeler's estimated cost. OpenWheeler is the most celebrated brand in today's racing game seat marketplace.

OpenWheeler Racing Cockpit for XBOX 360™

Racing Cockpit for XBOX 360™. Discounted satisfaction.

OpenWheeler Racing Cockpit for XBOX 360™. Genuine gamer's satisfaction.

Affordable video game driving seats like OpenWheeler are already easy to come across on the market. For your video game enjoyment OpenWheeler is possibly everything you demand. OpenWheeler's fuselage is created using the most durable materials any home racing simulator would possibly need. It delivers immense solidity and satisfaction for individuals of any size. Aside from grown-up individuals, it can be employed by little children as young as 4. It works with any navigation wheel. From most recent models to earlier more affordable variants. The OpenWheeler home racing simulator cockpit offers a lot more than it promises - maximum enjoyment while playing any race driver game suitable for PlayStation (PS2 and PS3), Xbox & Wii game consoles. $400 (four hundred USD) or £270 (two hundred and seventy pounds) is the OpenWheeler's regular price. OpenWheeler is the driving cockpit marketplace's most outstanding name.

Open Wheeler Racing Seat Simulator XBOX 360™

Racing Seat Simulator XBOX 360™. Inexpensive experience.

OpenWheeler Racing Seat Simulator XBOX 360™. Highest racing enjoyment.

Unlike other racing game seats, OpenWheeler delivers an extra gliding apparatus for sliding forwards and backwards. It's a standard equipment. You won't have to pay an extra $40 and adjust it yourself after that, as with Playseat. OpenWheeler is clearly the most marvelous racing cockpit. £270 (two hundred and seventy British pounds) or $400 (four hundred USD) the OpenWheeler's estimated cost is. The greatest video game driving simulator available on the market is OpenWheeler.

Best F1™ Racing Seat PS3

F1™ Racing Seat PS3. Absolute driver's pleasure.

Best F1™ Racing Seat PS3. Realistic driver's satisfaction.

Little did you car racing game fans know about the real potential of your favorite racing car games. In case you have not tried a real video game racing chair like OpenWheeler, inadequate your real driving experience is up till now. The OpenWheeler driving game cockpit is not costly. To receive it, you would have to confer only $400 dollars (USA, Canada) or £270 (two hundred and seventy GBP) (UK, Europe). The most suitable option for a home racing seat simulator available on the market is OpenWheeler.

Formula 1 Cockpit Simulator

Can OpenWheeler be modified?

Yes! By all means. You can get extra platforms for virtually any side controller or equipment. These stretch from monitors, keyboards, selection levers, joysticks, etc.

A video game cockpit for PlayStation, XBOX, Wii and PC

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